SMU Academy
Graduate Certificate in Communication Management

This graduate certificate consists of a total of six different modules,  of which five is available to SMUAA members*. Members will be eligible for one module that is worth $1712 with compliments from the SMU Academy. More information on the benefit with SMU Academy can be found here.

Modules are held over Thursdays - Saturdays (with the exception of Foundations of Brand Storytelling)
Wednesday - Friday : 7 - 10PM
Saturday: 9AM - 6PM

For more information about the modules, please refer to each link.

Social Media Marketing

  • Session One: 4-6 Jan 2018
  • Session Two: 5-7 Apr 2018

Search Engine Marketing

  • Session One: 18-20 Jan 2018
  • Session Two: 26-28 Apr 2018

Data Analytics

  • Session One: 25-27 Jan 2018
  • Session Two: 22-24 Mar 2018

Data Visualisation

  • Session One: 22-24 Feb 2018
  • Session Two: 19-21 Apr 2018

Foundations of Brand Storytelling

  • Session One: 14 Mar (Wed), 16 -17 Mar 2018
  • Session Two: 17-19 May 2018


*The 6th module, Brand Storytelling Studio (11-14 Apr) is available as part of the Graduate Certificate in Communication  Management, but is not available as part of the SMUAA Member benefit as the prerequisite module is the Foundations of Brand Storytelling module. Should you wish to take Brand Storytelling Studio  as your complimentary module with SMUAA, please ensure you have first taken the foundation module. 

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