As an alumnus, you are an integral part of a vibrant international network that encompasses more than 18,000 alumni (as of March 2016)


History of us

The Singapore Management University Alumni Association (SMUAA) was officially set up on 8 July 2005 in Singapore.

Our mission is to promote lifelong relationships between the Alumni and our alma mater, to support and sustain the objectives of the University, and to serve as an advocate for the University. We strive to bring meaningful activities and programs to the Alumni, undergraduates and members of the SMU Community. These activities and programs include the graduation balls, class reunions, community outreach initiatives, professional development and personal enhancement workshops, cultural and social events, and recreational activities.

SMUAA is also dedicated to giving back to our alma mater. A campagin was set up in 2004 to raise funds for the SMU Alumni Scholarship Fund. In July 2007, through the generosity of students, faculty, alumni and the SMU community, the association achieved its endowment target of $200,000. The first Alumni scholarship was awarded on 28 January 2008, and at least one scholarship will be awarded to help a needy but deserving SMU student every year.

Today, our Alumni comprises of future leaders, adventurers and explorers. They are poised to take on leadership roles in their organisation and in society. They also possess the willingness to embark on entrepreneurial ventures, and navigate uncharted regional waters and the global terrain. The SMUAA strives to be a source of inspiration to their alma mater’s undergraduates to take the Alumni to greater heights – thus creating an enduring symbiosis between the Alumni and the SMUAA.


History is in the making - Our very own guild house.
— 7th Exco Committee

Our Executive Committee

The SMU Alumni Association (SMUAA) welcomes a new Executive Committee following its 12th Annual General Meeting held on 24th March 2017. The 8th Executive Committee brings with them great enthusiasm and exciting ideas for the SMUAA. The team aims to foster communication and involvement amongst the SMU alumni community as well as to ensure that alumni's voices are heard at the University. Do keep a lookout for new activities coming your way and we look forward to the continued support of the alumni community.

Backrow (left to right): Brennan Neoh (Membership), Edwin Lim (Executive Secretary), Jolyn Chua (Exco Member), Jay See Jing Zhong (Exco member), Allan Tan (Treasurer)

Frontrow (left to right): Jeanie Lee (Vice President-Communications), Yeo Ying Hao (Exco Member), Deborah Wee (President), Gerald Tan (Secretary)

Absent with apologies: Nicholas Wong (Vice President - Revenue)

President's Message

Dear SMU Graduates and fellow Alumni members,

A very happy 2015 to all of you. It is with great pleasure that I write this message to introduce the 7th SMU Alumni Association Executive Committee to you.

I am confident that these 2 years (2015 - 2016) will be a very exciting time ahead. This new exco comprises of alumni representation from 2002 till the latest batch from 2014, including our Postgraduate programmes, all having been student leaders in their time. With this varied perspective and shared interest in growing our Alumni and developing our potential to be a network to be reckoned with, I strongly believe that our initiatives will be well balanced and able to cater to the diverse interests of our alumni.

Our main focus for this year will be to strengthen the ties within the community and to foster a greater sense of bonding within the SMU Family. The friendships forged, relationships built with our peers, Faculty and even within the SMU Administration should last a lifetime and the Alumni Association wants to be a part of this. We aim to be that bridge that keeps that connection alive and always gives you that path back to the SMU that you knew when you were studying.

With that said, we have been rather productive in the first quarter of 2015, and have gotten the ball rolling on certain initiatives that would have a long term and large scale impact on the Alumni Association as we have known it. Continued efforts to bring you activities that benefit you both in a professional and personal way are also underway with better forward planning so you would be able to plan these activities into your calendar. Last but not least, we will also be looking into finding meaningful ways that we can give back to our Alma Mater and the community at large together with your participation and support.

We will also be giving regular quarterly updates to our members to share more on what we have achieved and what are the latest plans in motion and also to gather feedback from you on how we can improve or what other activities we can plan for you. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any feedback / suggestions at

In the meantime, who would like to swing by our events now to find out more or simply just to catch up? I know I would and I look forward to that. :)

Best Regards,
Deborah Wee - President, SMUAA 7th Exco



B3 Burger Beer Bistro is an Alumni Cafe started up by the Singapore Management University’s Alumni Association (SMUAA) together with the support of the SMU Alumni Relations Office and SMU. The team aims to always provide not only the best for foodies but also, the best for both the Alumni and students of SMU.

Our team at SMUAA is made up of the following personnel:

Edwin Lim
General Manager, SMUAA

Elaine Lim
Operations Manager, SMUAA

Hajarah Binte Shariff
Finance Manager, SMUAA

Delvina See
Marketing/Membership Executive, SMUAA

Cous, Zhou Hanxiang
Marketing and Business Development Executive, B3

Hamdan Bin Zainal Abidin
Head Barista, B3

Koh Guo Zhen, Gordon
Bar Supervisor, B3

Devyn Ayadurai Sivasothey
Head Chef, B3

Mohamad Saifuddin Bin Ridzwan
Kitchen Cook, B3

Jeckie Chia
Kitchen Cook, B3

Loogaamuthan Ravichandran
Service Crew, B3