The Social Science Alumni Group was officially set up on 18 November 2011. We aim to achieve the following objectives:

  • To keep in touch with members of the SMU Social Science family, inclusive of alumni, staff.
  • To reach out to the undergraduates and to give them a better understanding of what is happening in the working world
  • To provide a platform for all members within the social science family to hear and learn from each other's experiences.
  • To provide a platform for feedback on courses in SMU Social Science by the graduates who may provide information about the skills in demand in the working world and feedback on what could be added or changed (eg. Curriculum, special workshops)
  • To build up the image of the SMU Social Science graduates by leveraging on the strengths of the population.

All SMU Social Sciences Alumni are part of the SMU Social Sciences Family and you know what our family spirit is all about! Don't hesitate! Join our activities. We can be reached at:

Leow Weixiong (BSocSc, Graduating Year of 2009)


The SOSS Alumni Group and SOSS co-organised its first-ever Anniversary Planning Party on 23 August 2013. In true SOSS spirit, it was both a reunion of all SOSS Alumni, as well as a gathering of minds and ideas as all who attended contributed to ideas on how they would want to celebrate the school's 5th Anniversary in 2014. Check out the highlights below.