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The Singapore Management University Rugby Team – more affectionately known as The City Boys started in 2005 as a social touch rugby team. SMU Rugby eventually grew to become a power house in the local contact rugby scene winning countless medals in the tertiary rugby leagues and local tournaments since its induction. The City Boys has also been a breeding ground for talent and has seen many don National Colors across all age groups, Men’s 7s and Men’s 15s teams. There are close to 150 connected alumni as of 2017 and many voluntarily give back and have been involved in various training camps, tournaments and campaigns over the years – either as mentors, coaches or the 16th man.

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The Executive Committee serves to act as an official body to organise activites and coordinate between the SMU Office of Alumni Relations, SMU Alumni Association, SMU Rugby alumni and current SMU Rugby members, helping SMU to build up the alumni community.

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What is he doing now?

I'm currently the Director of Prosegur Singapore, the local branch office of the Prosegur Group, a global Security company headquartered in Madrid. I'm in charge of integrated solutions department, which combines manpower operations with technology to secure properties in view today's challenging security landscape.

What does he hope to achieve through SMU Rugby Alumni Group?

I hope that this will be a platform for Alumni to continue to be involved with the Sport and the school, and a platform for current players to network and learn from their seniors.

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             VICE PRESIDENT


What is he doing now?


I am currently a second year Risk Analyst at a physical commodity firm.

What does he hope to achieve through the SMU Rugby Alumni Group?

We hope reconnect with other past alumni as well as build new bonds with existing students who will be part of the group when they graduate.






What is he doing now? 

I am currently working with UBS in the Wealth Management division.

What does he hope to achieve through SMU Rugby Alumni Group?

Provide an avenue for alumni ruggers to stay in touch and continue playing the sport.

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What is he doing now? 

I am working at Robert Walters as a Consultant specialising in IT and Technology Infrastructure recruitment looking after roles within the Financial Services space here in Singapore. 

What does he hope to achieve through SMU Rugby Alumni Group?

I would love to eventually see a greater team spirit that goes beyond the four years spent as a student and for the boys of each and every batch to get to know one another better! This would definitely ripple down to the current team and keep them inspired.

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What is he doing now?

I am currently working in Citibank under the Global Consumer Bank Management Associate Programme. It's a two-year programme that provides in-depth exposure on the various business functions of the consumer bank. I'm on my first rotation under the Home Financial Services business and the projects that I've undertaken have proven to be challenging yet fulfilling as I'm able to see tangible results.

What does he hope to achieve through SMU Rugby Alumni Group?

I hope to see a community being built fostering friendship both on and off the field. It will be a good platform to maintain a connection to SMU even after graduation.