SMU's Class of 2007 10th Year Reunion

The Class of 2007 reuniting after 10 years at The ALcove

The Class of 2007 reuniting after 10 years at The ALcove


As curious passers-by peeked through the balloon arch by the entrance of The ALcove, SMU’s new alumni space, there was much chatter and playful laughter from within. Colourful balloons hung from the ceiling; children running about, clad in balloon sculptures and playing with one another. Their parents close by, catching up with one another, tucking into a buffet spread of healthy food options prepared by B3 Alumni Bistro. This was the SMU Class of 2007’s 10th year reunion.

It had been a decade since graduation, where one of the pioneer batches of SMU Graduates returned to their alma mater. Now with spouses and even children in tow (some even four!), SMU Alumni, now from various walks of life, came bright and early on a weekend morning. Greeting them were various activities such as sampling of cold pressed juices and mini terrarium-making for adults, movie screenings and balloon sculptures for the little tots.

“It’s been so long since I last saw some of them, seems like yesterday that we were slogging through the night in the GSRs to complete our projects or mug for our exams. Time truly flies, it’s hard to imagine it has been 10 years. Although we are busy with our own careers and families now, it was heartening to be able to spend the time rekindling memories and catching up. Hope to see them again soon!” said Nicholas Wong, one of the graduates of the Class of 2007. Indeed, this event saw the alumni catching up with their SMU schoolmates over brunch while reminiscing old days, marvelling at how each one had grown.


- 11 November 2017