There is an increasing number of SMU Alumni working within the various segments of alternative investment industry in Singapore. The alternative investment includes products other than the traditional stocks and bonds, which include real estate, commodities, and private equity (venture capital). These individuals may come from a variety of backgrounds (fund management, commercial/corporate bank, developer, consultancy firms, commodity buyer/trader and investment brokerage) and various field of work (research, banker, advisory, traders, leasing, asset/property manager and fund manager).

The primary intention is to form a dedicated group to promote the interest of SMU Alumni (working within the alternative investment industry) by establishing a platform that facilitates professional networking, and to allow for an exchange of industry-related information and knowledge.

The secondary goal of the group would be to connect, interact and encourage SMU Student interested in the field of alternative investment as a career profession.


Networking Opportunities: Provide a platform for professional networking among fellow SMU alumni within the Alternative Investment industry. The group will also serve as a place to build friendship and contacts.

Knowledge and information Exchange: As the group will consist of professionals from various backgrounds and functions within the alternative investment sector, this facilitates and promotes knowledge and information exchange between SMU alumni, be it research-related, industry specific knowledge, business and to a larger extent, career opportunities.

Future potential to work with Industry Related Associations: The group will serve as main liaison point connecting the SMU Alumni and other similar group externally such as Urban Land Institute (ULI) Young Leaders Group, Asia Pacific Real Estate Association (APREA), Asian Association for Investors in non-listed real estate vehicles (ANREV), NUS Real Estate Alumni, CFA Institute, and CAIA members.

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What is he doing now? 

I am currently running Assets Advisory Pte Ltd, a consultancy business helping investors to manage their real estate investments. We consult on the financial analysis and feasibility studies of every investment opportunity shared with us to determine the potential investment return as well as practical viability of each investment project. My partners and I started this business to help both institutional and individual investors to have a clearer assessment of real estate investments in South East Asia.

His Message to SMU alumni in the Real Estate and Alternative Investment industry:

The emphasis on real estate as a core investment asset class has gained significant traction over the last 5 to 10 years. There has been a shift in investment allocations from hedge funds and derivatives to more investments in Private Equity and real estate sectors. We would like to build an active and conducive environment for members of our industry and alumni to interact and share ideas and market news. This in turn creates future connectivity on a personal level within alumni working in the real estate sector.

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What is he doing now? 

I currently work for the Investment Management arm of Savills, Savills Investment Management, as analyst supporting the acquisition and business development team. We focus on originating fund and investments across Asia Pacific countries, focusing on gateway cities such as Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tokyo. 

His Message to SMU Alumni in the Real Estate and Alternative Investment industry:

Thanks for always supporting our effort in building up the group. As it is a small industry, it would be best to always stay in touch and to keep on growing our network. You never know who you will end up sitting in the same office one day. Keep doing your best and stay humble. 

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What is he doing now?

I am currently the Head of Treasury, Asia for Lendlease.

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What is he doing now?

I am currently with the investments team at City Developments Limited. My role involves the full spectrum of real estate across various asset classes.

His Message to SMU Alumni in the Real Estate and Alternative Investment Industry:

I hope this group serves as a platform for all like-minded individuals to connect, reconnect and discover new opportunities.

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What is he doing now? 

I currently work at Boustead Projects Limited as a Business Development and Investment Manager. Boustead Projects is a regional real estate developer with a focus on building industrial assets and business parks. Using an integrated model  compromising of investment, development, construction and property management,  our industrial focus spans from build to suit production facilities to logistics warehouses.  

His message to SMU alumni in the Real Estate and Alternative Investment industry:

We look forward to meeting all SMU alumni and students interested in Real Estate. The business landscape is changing rapidly, and how real estate is perceived tomorrow may be very different from today. Even if you do not have experience in Real Estate, you might have a great business idea that could potentially disrupt traditional demand and supply. Do join us for our events and talks, you never know what new partnerships or ideas you could potentially form! 

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What is he doing now? 


I am currently a Business Development & Investment Manager with LOGOS SE Asia, who is vertically integrated logistics property specialist with expertise spanning all aspects of risk return spectrum. I was part of the pioneer team who joined the SE Asia platform in 2017, since then we have ventured and expanded into Indonesia and Singapore. I previously started by career with Jones Lang LaSalle.

His message to SMU alumni in the Real Estate and Alternative Investment industry:

Real estate has remained a core investment asset class over the years and will continue to be. SMU Alumni remains young, hence it would be great to build an active and cohesive group within this sector to share market intelligence and help each other out.




What is he doing now?

I am currently an Institutional Salesperson in Zhongtai International Securities (Singapore) Pte Ltd. This is a newly set-up securities broker in Singapore which belongs to a government owned parent company in China.

His Message to SMU Alumni in the Real Estate and Alternative Investment Industry:

I hope more alumnus from SMU can benefit from the exchange of valuable ideas thru networking events organised by the group.