President's Message - May 2017


Dear Alumni Member,

By way of introduction, I am Deborah, the President of the SMU Alumni Association 8th Exco and on behalf of the new executive committee that has just been formed, I would like to share some of our plans with you, our valued members.

There are three main initiatives that this new committee would like to push forth this year, namely:

1. We want to get to know YOU! :)

Regular feedback/sharing sessions will be held for our members so please do keep a look out for our outreach messages and do turn up if you are free so that we can hear from you! We would love for you to also contribute your ideas and thoughts so that we can make the Alumni Association better for all of us. So all you Alumni Leaders out there, heads up! :)

2. We want you to be PROUD of being an AA Member!

I am certain that each and everyone of us are proud of our alumni status and so the committee would like to look into the benefits and value that you would derive from being part of our Association. We have set up our very own alumni bistro, B3, situated in the basement of SMU SIS, but we want to do more and aim to finally have more space to call our own. A home in the city, where we can gather and hang out with the rest of our SMU Family. In order to make this happen, there are several working projects that we will be starting and we will be actively recruiting sub committee members that we hope you can be a part of! We want to tap on the collective brain pool of our alumni, both undergraduate and post graduate alike.

3. We want to enhance the structure of the SMU Alumni Association!

The SMU Alumni Association is currently in its 12th year of operations and with bigger and more ambitious projects underway, we need to ensure that if we want to be the representative association of SMU Alumni, we must ensure that we have the support structure and necessary framework to ensure we are able to pull this through. Through a very close knit working relationship we have with the Office of Alumni Relations, helmed by Director Prof Low Aik Meng, we have garnered incredible support from SMU itself and we hope to continue to work with them to push the SMU Alumni Association to greater heights.

In conclusion, I would like to thank each and everyone of you for being our member thus far. The SMU Alumni community has much to look forward to as the SMU Alumni Association continues to strive towards bringing better benefits to our members in line with our long term goals to making SMUAA great, a dream that cannot be achieved without YOU. The SMUAA is a young Alumni Association and we need all the help we can get to push things through! So come on down and approach us with your thoughts and ideas! I most certainly hope to be able to work closely with all the passionate and talented people like yourself to see these plans come to fruition! As this is a volunteer organisation, we need all the help that we can get. :)

Do look forward to more updates from us, and in the meantime, do come by B3 our very own SMU Alumni Bistro for some amazing food & drinks. Don't forget you can enjoy a 15% off as an AA member!

See you around and if you ever need a direct contact to the SMUAA, below is my personal email that you can reach me at.

Best Regards,

Deborah Wee
President, SMU Alumni Association 8th Executive Committee