1. To constantly keep in contact with our friends and reaching out to those who need a listening ear
  2. To help our graduating juniors integrate into working lives by mentoring and guiding them
  3. To become a more close-knitted peer helping community
  4. To provide a networking platform to bond internal as well as external stakeholders

Read about the launch of the Alumni Group on 24th February 2017 here



TEO TE WEI (BBM, 2014)


What is he doing now?

I am a Financial consultant in one of the top Financial Advisory Firms in Singapore, specialising in providing holistic planning services that cover both personal and corporate needs on areas of wealth management, insurance, investments and estate planning. 

In my 3 years as a financial consultant, i have helped people from all walks of life - from students to senior executives, military personnel and teachers, to plan ahead for their life goals and improve their cash flow. I derive great meaning and satisfaction from the work I do, knowing that I am able to equip my clients with the right financial knowledge and solutions that can help them achieve their goals and protect their wealth. 

The ability to help my clients achieve their goals and being appreciated by my clients for the work I do is my greatest source of motivation, and this inspires me to extend my service to the larger community. 

His message to SMU Alumni as a Peer Helper.

As a peer helper back in my uni days, I worked closely with school counsellors to help my peers. Through this experience, I realise that sometimes, a listening ear and emotional support is all we need to tide through a difficult period. At some point in our life, we would have received some help from others. I’m no exception. 

And now, as a peer helper alumni, I’ll like to pay it forward by helping as many people as I can, be it the SMU community or anyone that I may cross path with.

Small gestures can have a big impact. Some decisions that you make now may seem insignificant, but it may have a huge impact in your life many years later.




What is she doing now?

I am currently working at Workforce Singapore Agency (formerly known as WDA) - a statutory board under the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) which oversees the transformation of the local workforce and industry to meet ongoing challenges.

I have been with the organisation for 3.5 years and am part of a team which drives the development of Human Resource Professionals in Singapore, including spearheading the implementation of new programmes/framework for HR professionals.

Her message to SMU Alumni as a Peer Helper. 

Everyone has our own set of trials and difficulties in life and it is always comforting to know that there is someone whom we can confide in or share our struggles with.

Having gone through the Peer Helpers training in SMU, it has equipped me with practical life skills and I am truly thankful to be part of SMU's Emotional Safety Net. For peer helpers who have graduated from SMU and gone out into the working world, I hope that they would strive to apply the valuable skills (e.g. active listening skills) that they have learnt at their various workplaces, providing support and care to their fellow colleagues! You can make a difference in your colleague’s life by lending a listening ear. :)




What is he doing now?

I am a Senior Executive in the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and my roles revolve around both strategic and operational planning. 

The Home Affairs Senior Executive (HASE) work alongside uniformed personnel (i.e. SPF, SCDF, ICA etc) and forms the middle and senior management in the Home Team. We provide vital support for executive and policy decisions with critical examination, analysis of all factors relating to the formulation and the eventual implementation of the policies. 

His message to SMU Alumni as a Peer Helper. 

Alumni are important assets to any education institutions. Not only they are the long term ambassadors of the school, they are also the role models that the current students look up to.

Fellow Peer Helper Alumni, it's time to relive all the good old memories as one big family again. Those times chilling out in Wellness Centre, those Oscar-awarding winning role plays, those fun-filled internal bonding sessions & retreats. While many of us have moved on to different phases of life, one thing will always be the same: Once a Peer Helper, Always a Peer Helper!

Our peerhelping skills may have become rustier and rustier. What I can promise is that with the successful set up of this Peer Helper Alumni Group, the bond shared among us Peer Helpers will only grow stronger and stronger. Join us in all our events and Together We Can Make A Difference :) 




What is she doing now?

I am a Marketing Communications Officer in a post-secondary education institution. The nature of my job allows me to interact with secondary school students, teachers and parents. With the insights gathered from the interactions, my team and I would conceptualise, plan and execute events and activities that would help to drive the Education & Career Guidance (ECG) experiences for the students, thus allowing them to make informed choices for their future. 

Her message to SMU Alumni as a Peer Helper.

My experiences in Peer Helping have allowed me to understand that no one knows us better than ourselves.  Value other’s views but never let it devalue our own. 

Life is too short to regret the chances we didn’t take or the decisions we’ve waited too long to make. Let’s live in the present and make the best out of it. 

Dream it. Live it! 

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What is she doing now?


I am a supply Chain Analyst at Shiseido Travel Retail Asia Pacific. My role is primarily to analyse various Supply Chain KPIs and how we can better align with HQ KPIs. In addition, I partake in projects which involve business improvements and enhancements to our ERP and Demand Planning Tool.

Her message to SMU Alumni as a Peer Helper. 

Since graduation, the strong bonds and friendships formed during our university days are things which I am truly grateful for. These friends who stood by me during tough times in university, are still standing by me  now. I believe that the strong foundation build on mutual understanding and a constant listening ear has enabled me to strive better in my career as I know I will always have friends rooting for me.

While is it easy to lose ourselves in the multitude of work, I hope that in times of stress, frustration and disappointment, we know when to rest; and to always remember that we have our group of friends who will consistently encourage us to stay strong and grounded to our values.