The MITB Alumni Group is set up with the following objectives:

  • To form a vibrant group of MITB Alumni who stays connected with each other
  •  To provide a support structure for further development
  • To actively contribute to the university and community

While we have a good mix of people from different backgrounds and experiences, we also need to ensure there are ample professional development opportunities. And so to provide support and promote interaction among our members we need to identify and pursue appropriate activities.

Responsibilities include:

  • Discover which development areas are most requested (through the Engagement initiative) and determine which ones to pursue
  • Explore what other opportunities are most relevant for leadership and entrepreneurship development
  • Plan and execute the activities
  • Document down lessons learnt and areas for improvement for future activities

Without giving back to the community, we are just a bunch of self-serving group and this is not aligned with SMUAA and SMU values. To align with the university values and promote the MITB brand, we will look into opportunities where we can deliver the most value. Other than SMU, we will also consider other IT communities and charities if there is sufficient interest.

Responsibilities include:

  • Determine where to focus our community efforts and how
  • Coordinate and plan activities with the chosen party
  • Document down lessons learnt and areas for improvement for future activities

If you are interested to join the MITB Alumni Group, please drop an email to John Lee (President, MITB Alumni Group)

John Lee