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To be the go-to postgraduate Alumni Group for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. This will be achieved through close collaboration with the SMU Office of Alumni Relations (OAR), and through establishment of the SMU Innovators as a group under the umbrella of the Singapore Management University Alumni Association (SMUAA). 


The SMU Innovators’ objectives are:

        1.   Build and maintain a strong cohesive identity across all cohorts of SMU MI students/ graduates
                        a.   To help members be more successful in their profession
                        b.   To provide a forum wherein the members can discuss issues of professional challenges and successes

        2.   Connect and foster personal and professional interactions amongst students, alumni and the community
                        a.   To provide a network through which its members can learn and share opportunities and industry practices in Innovation and                                  Entrepreneurship

        3.   Strengthen the value and brand name of the SMU MI degree locally and globally

We are our best advocates.

                        a.   To provide the opportunity for its members to collaborate in providing resources and solutions in the field of Innovation and

        4.   Value-add the Singapore Management University stakeholders and serve the Innovation & Entrepreneurship community in Singapore and the Asian region/ beyond
                        a.   To raise the awareness of the wider community about the Innovation and Entrepreneurship


The SMU Innovators will endeavour to organise 2-3 activities per academic year, which will best benefit members of the Group.  Some of the activities may include:

        1.   Annual General Meeting (AGM)
        The objective of the AGM is to introduce the (new) committee and plans for the coming year for the MIAS and to induct the graduating
        batch of MI students into the MIAS.

        2.   “Thought Leader Night” (Seminar featuring Innovation/ Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders)
        To discover new insights in the realm of innovation and entrepreneurship from industry experts.

        3.   “Talk-Shop” (Industry Talks)
        To establish practical connections for alumni’s and to learn from industry professionals.

        4.   “Alum-Night” (Alumni Sharing Seminars/Talk)
        Alumni members or guest speakers could be invited to be part of a panel/ lectures to provide a talks to members interested in their
        chosen field/topic.

        5.   “Social Night” (MIAS Networking/Social events)
        Networking/ social event.

        6.   Collaborative Events
        Collaborative events with other SMUAA Groups.


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President - Elfarina Zaid (MI, 2013 - 1st Batch) 

What is she doing now?

I am a Professional Certified Coach, Consultant and Co-founder of Elf Coaching. Founded in 2009, Elf Coaching is a boutique firm aimed at engaging executives and multinational organizations to create innovative, learning cultures to lead with purpose in Asia. Elf Coaching is also the partner for the global ORSC™ ICF Certification program for group and systems coaching for Singapore and Malaysia.

Holding multiple roles to further the coaching industry, I am Faculty of Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and an Associate Coach with Singapore Civil Service College. Based in Singapore and working internationally, I focus my work on leadership, innovation, coaching, cultural diversity and multi-stakeholder collaboration. 

Her message to fellow MI Alumni?

It is a special time in the world where diverse thoughts, and people matter, where we should fail fast and recover even faster; where we should connect more dots and create and capture value. 

Through SMU Innovators, we hope to build a community of practice for Innovators, by the community, for the community. Hence I look forward to meeting with you in person, hearing your voices on our FB page or events or even come forward and let us know if you have an opportunity and challenge you’d like to lean into the SMU Innovators. 

Executive Director, Events - Maya Sofhiana Zaini (MI, 2015)

What is she doing now?

Currently a Transplant Coordinator at the National Organ Transplant Unit (NOTU) – an operational arm of the Ministry of Health (MOH) established to manage and upsurge the number of organ transplants in Singapore.

The unit is responsible for developing and implementing strategic plans to achieve goals of transplant programmes in Singapore. Apart from development and strategic planning, the unit organizes and participates in public campaigns to raise awareness on organ donation and transplantation.

In charge of spearheading publicity campaigns and roadshows, I am now looking at expanding to corporate communications and looking at new collaboration opportunities. We are currently already partnered with National Kidney Foundation (NKF), Singhealth Transplant and National University Centre for Organ Transplantation (NUCOT) on upcoming campaigns.

Her message to fellow MI Alumni?

The MI programme has provided an opportunity for people of diversified backgrounds to come together in the name of Innovation. As we journeyed through MI and graduated, the desire to stay connected with SMU and fellow MIs should not expire.

The ExCo looks at nothing more than providing a support network where we know we can fall on in good times and bad. Help us strengthen this support system! 

Executive Director, Communications - Salman Sardar (MI, 2015)

What is he doing now?

I am a Marketing Executive at Y3 Technologies – a leading software solutions provider specializing in the areas of Supply Chain & Logistics, Analytics, E-commerce and CRM & Loyalty across Singapore, China and India.

Over the course of the past year I have been heavily involved in the total rebranding of the company amongst involvement in a number of different strategic initiatives. Moving forward I will be working closely with the Sales & Business Development team to pursue new opportunities that leverage on our 30+ years of domain expertise and full spectrum of solution offerings.

His message to fellow MI Alumni:

Every year a highly diverse group of individuals are brought together through the MI programme, motivated by a vast multitude of different interests yet unified by a desire to learn more about the intriguing field of Innovation. As the ExCo, we endeavour to provide a platform which, as much as possible, cuts across the interests of all MI alumni – be it a thought leadership discussion panel, industry networking night or informal personal sharing session. SMU Innovators was created for you, by you. As such, we hope that you’ll support us along this journey and we look forward to seeing you at our future events. 

Executive Director, Industry Liaisons - Daniel Liebaum (MI, 2013)

What is he doing now?

Dan Liebau is the founder of Lightbulb Capital and has a passion for Innovation, Finance and Technology. Before starting Lightbulb Capital Dan was COO and on the board of HSBC Securities (Singapore) Pte Limited – the entity to provide access to the Singapore Stock Market (SGX) for the Global Equities Business within HSBC. Dan was previously also the IT Head of HSBC’s Investment Bank in Singapore and Japan. His work experience spans ca. 16 years in Investment Banking Technology working for companies like UBS in Germany and the UK, Barclays Capital in Singapore and Tokyo as well as Close Brothers in his hometown Frankfurt.

Dan is a mentor for Innovation, Finance & Technology in both Swire’s accelerator program blueprint as well as Singapore based Startupbootcamp Fintech. Dan has been invited by several Universities (SMU in Singapore, IE Business School in Spain and HKU in Hong Kong) to hold seminars on Innovation in Financial Services. He is also a speaker on Innovation in the public sector in Hong Kong and other conferences.

His message to fellow MI Alumni:

I am excited to contribute to our community of innovators and hope we can all together live up to the highest levels of professionalism, innovation, curiosity and creativity.