ELUMINIX is the official Alumni Group of the Hip Hop dance club SMU Eurhythmix. Established in June 2013, Eluminix is an avenue for SMU Alumni to dance and perform, even as working adults. We hope to inspire younger and older generations alike, that nothing should ever stop you from dancing.

Photo Credits: Flotography @  www.fb.com/flotography.sg

Photo Credits: Flotography @ www.fb.com/flotography.sg


SMU's Office of Alumni Relations speaks to President of Eluminix, Thomas Jiang (BSc Econs, Class of 2015) about the official launch of the Group. 

We are so happy for this milestone of Eluminix! How do you feel making this Alumni Group official?

We're definitely stoked. The alumni of Eurhythmix have been around for a really long time, we just never had a formal group until 2 years ago. This is definitely a huge step for us towards creating a community for graduates - to continue to dance and hang out with the people we've forged close ties with during our undergraduate years.

What are the plans for this Alumni Group?

We'll be taking part in nationwide competitions and productions to strengthen our name in the dance community. At the same time, we'll be actively giving back to Eurhythmix by sharing our knowledge and experience with the juniors. This could, of course, go beyond dance - we'd love to share about work life, and anything else beyond graduation.

Any exciting upcoming performances for Eluminix?

We'll be performing at nEbO's Spirit of the Youth Awards 2016 this month. It will be our first gig together as Eluminix with 10 of our members. An exciting competition we'll be taking part in is Super 24, a nationwide competition that involves 24 dancers from each team dancing within a 8x8m space in all 4 directions. Look out for us!

Can we engage Eluminix for events’ performances? Whom can we contact?

Of course! We'd love to be part of future events. We can be contacted via email at eluminix.sg@gmail.com. We can also be found on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/eluminix/


  • President: Thomas Jiang (BSc Econs, Class of 2015)
  • Vice-President: Wong Xun-lin (LLB, Class of 2015)
  • Dance Captain: Colin Lee Shao Hao (BBM, Class of 2015)
  • Treasurer: Thian Chuan Kai (BAcc, Class of 2014)