The SMU Diving Alumni Group, which was officially launched on Friday, 20 October 2017, aims to fulfill the following objectives:

  1. To promote the love of the ocean to old divers and interested alumni.
  2. To spread awareness of marine-related issues and connect people to focused groups and organizations to further the global efforts.
  3. To act as a conducive platform for new social relationships & friends to reconnect through scuba diving.


If you have an interest in diving or hope to learn the skills of it, please email your queries to
Facebook Group: SMU Diving Alumni Group

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Keith Leow Ewing (BSc (IS), 2017)


What are you doing now? 

I am a Software Developer (aka full-time keyboard masher) with Igloohome, a smart home start-up looking to improve the access control experience for homeowners. I am currently in-charge of developing an experimental product and assisting with the development of their Android software.

His message to SMU alumni who enjoy diving?

Diving is truly an all-rounded activity best suited for the couch potato in everyone. Lazy days relaxing on a beach (or an old oil rig)? Check. Carrying equipment down to the beach as an excuse for exercising? Check. Seeing new marine creatures/people flailing around underwater every trip? Check. Eating banana split ice cream while lying on a hammock between two coconut trees on the edge of a white sand beach while the sun is setting.... Complete bliss. 

My goal is to INJECT FUN and enjoyment into people's lives through diving as a medium. Treat diving as a relief from work (or kids), the monotony of routine, or the interest to seek new adventures and meet new people. 

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What are you doing now? 

I work as an Associate with McKinsey & Company in the Singapore office, serving clients across Southeast Asia. My current focus in the firm is in the area of emerging technology strategies, ranging from "Additive Manufacturing" to "Advanced Analytics".

What do you hope to achieve through the SMU Diving Alumni Group?

Many alumni used to be fervent divers, but as career and family obligations catch up, they dive less and less.

My hope for the Diving Alumni Group is to bring all of the alumni divers back together, as well as introduce other non-diver alumni to the sport.

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FELICIA ANG (BSocSc, 2017)


What are you doing now? 

I work as a Research Assistant/Associate at Duke-NUS Medical School, conducting experimental and behavioral economics research in health systems and services. Looking ahead, I intend to stay in academia and am looking towards attaining a PhD in Psychology.

What do you hope to achieve through the SMU Diving Alumni Group?

Diving is easily the most rewarding activity out there. It is the perfect combination of thrill, tranquility and challenge. I hope that through the SMU Diving Alumni Group, we can not only create more memories together, but build a strong foundation of alumni divers who will continue to grow together as a family. 

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Anton Lim Sian Ang (BAcc, 2016)


What is he doing now? 

I'm a Business Analyst for Accenture.

What do you hope to achieve through the SMU Diving Alumni Group?

SMUX diving gave me an unforgettable experience during my university years, and it opened my eyes with regards to the state our oceans are in at the moment. I realized my love for the ocean during reef alert, and I believe that conservation comes from first hand experience. To me, the diving alumni team is a vehicle for more people to experience what I have, so that more minds and hearts get touched. If we can hit critical mass, we can eventually make a difference in our oceans.