The SMU Career Champions Alumni Group, which was officially launched on 3 November 2017 (Friday), aims to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Networking and social events: Events organized to facilitate relationships building among the CC Alumni Group members and/or SMU alumni.
  • Talks/ Workshops/ Panel Discussions by Industry Professionals: Platforms which expose the CC Alumni Group members to various industries.
  • Company Visits: Provide opportunities to get glimpses into the inside workings of companies of various industries, e.g. site inspections, company visits.
  • Coaching/ Mentoring: (In)formal arrangements for senior CC Alumni Group members to coach/ mentor junior CC Alumni Group / Career Champions members, or coaching sessions with industry veterans.
  • Campus Outreach: Guest lectures, career talks and sharing sessions to undergraduates and/or postgraduates of SMU, to introduce a networking platform across various industries.
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What is she doing now? 

As a Lead in the Economic Development Board (EDB), I work with some of the world's largest Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies to access the region's markets, transform their operations, grow new businesses, and create good jobs for Singaporeans.     

Where does she see Career Champions Alumni Group in a few years?

Having been part of Career Champions since its inception, I've seen it grow from strength to strength. Through the years, I had the opportunity to work with many passionate and talented individuals, who strive to improve the career prospects of their peers. I hope that the Career Champions Alumni Group will be a platform where members reconnect with friends, expand their networks, and continue Career Champions' mission of serving the SMU undergraduate community. 



What is she doing now? 

Passionate about technology and its application to improve lives, I started my consulting career in Accenture. I am now a Consultant at Veeva Systems, where I deliver cloud solutions to enable my pharmaceutical clients to bring easier & faster medication access to patients globally.

Where does she see Career Champions Alumni Group in a few years?

Career development is a continuous journey - there's always something to learn from the seniors before us, and we can in turn share our experiences with the juniors after. I hope the Career Champions Alumni Group will be a community where alumni come together to support each other, as well as contribute to student initiatives (eg. industry events/workshops, career panels).

Being part of Career Champions has also sparked my interest to be a people-developer. As I continue to apply and sharpen my career skills by volunteering with youths & women organisations, and I am happy to be given the opportunity to make an impact, one individual at a time. This has been a challenging yet fulfilling journey, and I am excited about the possibilities ahead.

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What is he doing now? 

I am currently in the Human Capital Division at EDB. It’s not HR so don’t send me your CVs! Basically, we work closely with government bodies and industries to identify and solve manpower related issues. For me, I look at pre-employment training to help build the talent pipeline for critical sectors in Singapore.

Where does he see Career Champions Alumni Group in a few years?

I hope that this alumni group can be the platform for meaningful exchange of information and opportunities, career-related or otherwise. But above all, it is the camaraderie that we build through our time in SMU that I hope to preserve, and for new friendships to be formed.

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What is he doing now? 

I am a Management Associate with MasterCard, responsible for business expansion and development in the region.

Where does he see Career Champions Alumni Group in a few years?

I hope to leverage on the SMU Career Champions Alumni Group platform to assist my junior career champions as well as the larger student body. As an alumni, it would be my pleasure to assist my juniors in any way possible.

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What is he doing now?

I'm currently working in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry as a brand executive. It excites me to work with tangible products that consumers use in their daily lives.

Where does he see Career Champions Alumni Group in a few years?

This alumni group would serve as a bridge between current students and alumni. I believe this will serve as a platform for alumni to provide career opportunities or advice to current students. It'll also be a good opportunity for alumni to keep in touch with the latest and most updated happenings of SMU. I would envision this alumni group to expand threefold in the next 2 years as we work towards building a closely-knitted community.

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What is she doing now? 

Having tons of fun working as a litigation lawyer, making plenty of mistakes but learning at twice the pace. I'm trying to build a good reputation, challenge myself, and strike a balance between work and everything else.

Other than serving paying clients, I also hope to apply my legal skills and energy to contribute to society in a sustainable way, through volunteering, charities, and social enterprises. I currently divide my time volunteering with youths and doing pro bono work.

Where does she see Career Champions Alumni Group in a few years?

I hope that SMU Career Champions Alumni Group can be a networking platform and social circle bringing together people of different professional backgrounds and expertise. The legal industry is a fairly small one (although getting bigger by the year), and I find it scary how a lot of us think eerily alike, whether because of the legal training that we have gone through, the nature of the practice of law, or that similar types of people are simply drawn to the legal industry. I always enjoy it immensely when hearing the thoughts and lives of people from all walks of life, because I usually walk away with a fresh perspective and renewed anticipation of my life ahead.

Eventually, I hope that SMU CC Alumni Group will be the birthplace of ideas, initiatives and even possibly, ground-breaking start-ups.