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To keep you dancing
To grow the Ballare family
To help you contribute back


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Soon Kian Yong (BBM, BAcc, 2012)



What is he doing now?

I'm pursuing a career in Human Resources, currently working as a HR Business Partner in the oil and gas industry.

What are his dance experiences and aspirations?

I first picked up standard ballroom dancing in my freshmen year and haven't stopped since. Coming to my 9th year of ballroom dancing, my dance partner has become my life partner, my brother now trains, completes and performs alongside me - ballroom dancing has become more of a lifestyle than just another hobby.

Our greatest achievement in dancing is not what we accomplish on the dance floor. It's what we accomplish off it that matters most - the strong ballroom dancing community and the everlasting bonds forged. I wish to continue building on the community that shares a common interest in ballroom dancing.


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Daniel Pang (BSocSc, 2014)



What is he doing now?

I am currently working for SkillsFuture Singapore.  I have been at this job for two years.  My job is to design and roll out programmes that help enterprises in developing skills at the workplace.

What are his dance experiences and aspirations?

I began dancing international standard ballroom in my last year of school.  Previously I've danced latin ballroom and argentine tango.  I am now focused on dancing standard ballroom competitively.  I have competed in many local and regional competitions, and I hope to continue doing so in the future.


Yap Zhi Xin (BSc (Econs), BBM, 2011)



What is she doing now?

After four years in the banking industry, I have switched tracks to pursue a career in a start-up. I am currently in a business development role at Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange, a start-up that is providing a platform for investors to trade diamonds as an asset class. I have always been interested in jewellery and had begun pursuing a diamond grading diploma from the Gemological Institute of America, and this job opening was the perfect opportunity for me to combine my experience in Finance and my interests in diamonds and jewellery.  

Outside of my full time work, I also have an online business selling my own handcrafted jewellery. I am also providing sourcing services for clients looking for diamonds and gemstones for customised jewellery.

What are her dance experiences and aspirations?

I joined SMU Ballare in 2008 and never looked back since. I was drawn to standard ballroom dancing as it is an elegant, graceful dance, and it requires a lot of technique and skill, more than just being flexible (which I was not, having had no dance background at all). Being a partner dance, it is also a lot more challenging as succeeding in this dance form would mean having to work together with your partner while being aligned on commitment and goals. 

When I started ballroom dancing, I never imagined I would have come this far. I have been dancing for eight years now and have progressed in the competitions over the years from Beginners to the current Amateur category. We have also achieved a number of great results and have had the chance to travel to different countries to participate in international competitions. The Ballare family, our instructors and the friendships forged are the driving forces that keep me going. The fact that it is an art form that can never be fully mastered is also what keeps it interesting and challenging. I firmly believe in the saying that to be a master at anything you need to have put in 10,000 hours of work. Counting eight years of dancing at our current rate of four days a week and two hours per session, that is only 3,328 hours accomplished. Still a long way to go!

Right now, dance has become a way of life and I can no longer imagine days without dancing. Not forgetting the fact that my dance partner is now my husband, and that intertwines our lives and passions forever!


Soon Kian Keong (BBM, 2016)



What is he doing now?

Currently, an FX Strategist at Macquarie Group. 

What are his dance experiences and aspirations?

I've been dancing for a little over four years now, having picked it up only in SMU. I never thought i would have become a dancer given the fact that i was a student athlete for almost my entire schooling life. In SMU, I was privileged to have had the support and guidance of numerous people that allowed me to surpass my own expectations. 

I was awarded the SMU Emerging Artist Award, and the SMU Excellence in Student Life Gold Award in 2015.


Shanelle Gooi (BBM, 2011)



What is she doing now?

After working in the corporate world for three years, I made a huge decision to quit my job and become a full-time Ballroom Dancer. I now teach ballroom dancing, choreograph shows, perform at events, and travel the world to compete internationally at the Amateur level.

What are her dance experiences and aspirations?

I grew up as a dancer, doing Ballet, Chinese dance and Contemporary dance throughout my entire schoolgoing years. It was only in SMU that I picked up Ballroom Dance. And once I started, I couldn't stop! I hope to share my knowledge of this genre of dance to the younger generation, because it teaches us important life values such as mutual respect and teamwork.