8 Things We Love / Will Miss About Prof Low When He Retires

“Even in a bad situation, you have to make it sound like a good situation”

23467249_10155882675818147_9114235060609971571_o 2.jpg

1.     His dry wit
Cue everyone laughing while Prof Low looks on with a straight face.


2.     His passion and dedication to alumni causes

B3 Alumni Bistro

 Under Prof Low’s guidance, we now not only have B3, our alumni bistro, to call our own, we also have The Alcove (SMU’s new alumni lounge launched on 19 January). Prof Low also actively furthers alumni engagement through events, giving alumni a reason to keep coming back.

Thanks to this man, the alumni scene in SMU is now a bustling one.


3.     Friendly, welcoming personality

2018-01-29 18.58.38.jpg

A typical conversation on how one gets to know Prof Low goes like this:

Person A: How did you know Prof Low? You didn't take any of his mods while you were a student but you seem to know him very well.

Person B: I got to know him through Xiao Ming* who got to know Prof Low, from Xiao Hong, who took a module under him 5 years ago.

*Not their real names.

Prof Low really is that friendly. We even had a birthday party and invited him.


4.     His tact and wisdom

With his age and wisdom, we have much to learn from Prof Low on how he approaches difficult situations. “Even in a bad situation, you have to make it sound like a good one,” goes Prof Low in one of his gentle “reminders” when we slip up. He always has a way of not making us feel so bad about it.


5.     His impeccable dressing

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 11.21.06 PM (2).png

‘Nuff said. Who else can pull off a red, polka dotted shirt, or this beautiful floral piece. Did you also notice his new hair colour? Prof Low’s got a 'new do'!


6.     His calming and reassuring presence

We know many who were put at ease in the presence of Prof Low’s calm and reassuring presence. “When he’s around, I just know everything’s going to be okay.”


7.     Chillax with Prof Low

Like a true member of the SMU Family, Prof Low too knows how to unwind and chillax. After a long day’s work, he has been spotted engaging alumni in a night out at B3 alumni bistro, true to his friendly personality.


8.     His willingness to impart his wisdom

Not just the Director of SMU Office of Alumni Relations, Prof Low is a mentor and someone we’re proud to call a friend. Through him, we at SMUAA have learnt so much, bringing SMU Alumni to greater heights and how to better engage you, our alumni!


So after coming out of retirement once for us, alumni, three years ago, enjoy your wonderful walk into the sunset and your well-deserved retirement! So long Prof Low, thanks for the wonderful journey with us, alumni!


21 January 2018