SMUAA Sub Committee

Alumni Groups Engagement

We will be coming up with initiatives to further support each Alumni Group and also work towards more activities to engage the whole Alumni Association members. This group will be led by Jeanie Lee, our 8th Exco Vice President.

Constitution / Policy Review

This committee will review the constitutional framework within Alumni Association, taking into account the various Alumni Group constitutional needs too. This group will be led by Gerald Tan, our 8th Exco Honorary Secretary.

SMUAA Advisory Board

The SMUAA Advisory Board will meet twice annually to discuss about the strategies and implications that SMUAA will take.

Alumni with kids 

There is a growing portion of Alumni who has started their own family. We want to find ways to support this group, to find out what are their needs and be there through this stage of life. This committee will be led by Nicholas Wong, our 8th Exco Vice President.  

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