The SMU Alumni Association is giving away up to 3 cash prizes worth SGD$1,000 each to SMU student clubs based on initiatives which involve alumni participation.

This is to give the student clubs a chance to engage their seniors to:

  • Return and participate in their club’s events;
  • Contribute their expertise towards training their juniors; or
  • Enter recognised competitions by leveraging on their skills
  1. Objective
    To encourage SMU student clubs to actively engage and involve SMU Alumni in their activities and initiatives, and promote continued alumni relations.
  2. Method
    Reward up to three SMU student clubs with SGD$1,000.00 each, based on any initiatives executed or implemented, involving alumni's participation in one school term. SMUAA reserves the right NOT to grant any award in the calendar year if SMUAA finds that there are no qualified candidates.
  3. Judges*

    - Director, Office of Alumni Relations

    - Senior Manager, Office of Alumni Relations

    - Executive Committee, SMU Alumni Association

    - General Manager, SMU Alumni Association
    * subject to their schedule and availability


Please submit your proposal for the SMUAA CCA Award to

The below information must be included in your proposal for verification.

- Photocopy of the attendance list
- Soft copy of event’s photographs
- Alumni feedback
- Certificate of Attendance / Certificate of Participation (if any)
- Medal / Award (if any)

Judging Criteria

The student club must meet at least 3 criteria from the following list in single or multiple events in one school term

*These criteria are not conclusive.

1) To organise any event from which the club may involve alumni participation. For such events, the club should achieve at least a 10% attendance rate from the alumni out of the total number of attendees or a minimum of 10 alumni (whichever is higher). If the event is small (i.e. under 100 participants), there can be multiple events in a year to make up for the minimum of 10 alumni over the course of one year. The alumni attendance must be made up of unique individuals.

2) To organise a class / workshop based on the club's expertise especially for the alumni. No required quota of alumni as attendees for this criterion, as long as the number of attendees justifies starting the class / workshop.

3) To organise an event especially catered for alumni. No required quota of alumni as attendees for this criterion, as long as the number of attendees justifies initiating the event.

4) To organise an event where involvement from the alumnus / alumni forms an integral part of the event (i.e. alumnus is the speaker / trainer / performer / judge in the event) and the involvement from the alumnus is wholly voluntary (i.e. the alumni do not receive any monetary benefits resulting from their expertise). No required quota of alumni as attendees for this criterion.

5) To participate in any recognized competition and involve participation from the alumni. The participation from the alumni can be in terms of the training that the alumnus is giving to the participants prior to the competition or the involvement of the alumnus himself / herself in the competition.

6) The club is able to pull in at least three committed alumni (previously their seniors in the club) who are keen to sit in to provide feedback / give training to members in 50% of the number of meetings the club has in a calendar year. The said involvement from the alumni must be wholly voluntary (i.e. the alumni do not receive any monetary benefits resulting from his / her expertise).

For more information on organising an event involving alumni, please refer HERE.


Year 2012

  • EYE Investment Club
  • SMU Floorball

Year 2013

  • SMU Floorball
  • SMU Climb Team

Year 2014

  • SMU Floorball
  • SMU Climb Team
  • BFIG

Year 2015

  • SMU Climb Team
  • BFIG

Year 2016

  • SMU Climb Team
  • SMU Floorball
  • SMU Sailing Club

Year 2017

  • SMU EYE Investment Club
  • SMU Sailing Club

Last updated on 25 April 2017 .

Congratulations to SMU EYE Investment Club & SMU Sailing Club

On this very special day 13 March 2017, the 7th Executive Committee of the SMU Alumni Association (SMUAA) would like to congratulate SMU Sailing Club and SMU EYE Investment Club on being the proud recipients of the SMUAA CCA Award which was presented at the Univeristy Student Life Award Ceremony. Each club will be receiving a monetary incentive of SGD1,000 from SMUAA in recognition of their efforts to actively engage SMU Alumni in their club initiatives. The SMUAA-CCA award serves to encourage exemplary enthusiasm to involve the SMU Alumni community in CCA activities to forge closer bonding between past and present students.