Basic Membership Privileges

  1. 15% discount at SMU Alumni Bistro - B3 : Burger, Beer Bistro
  2. 20% discount on Rental of SMU Facilities (for personal use only) - from seminar rooms to conference halls
  3. Exclusive entry to SMU campus buildings and the University Lounge at Level 6, SMU Administration Building
  4. Exclusive entry to SMU Libraries allows you to read library books on-site. Course Reserve materials are only available for browsing and not available for photocopying.
  5. For full Library privileges, please sign-up for the SMU Libraries add on privileges which is only applicable for Basic Membership Plans. 
  6. Members-only SMUAA Events - just for you, our members
  7. Eligibility to Attend and Vote at the SMUAA Annual General Meetings - have a voice in alumni issues that matter
  8. Eligibility to Stand for Elections to the SMUAA Executive Committee - make a difference by being on the Executive Committee
  9. Your very own Membership Photo Card -  your affiliation with the Association and the University

Add-on Privileges for Basic membership Plans

SMUAA Basic members who wish to enjoy additional campus facilities are welcome to sign up for add-on benefits.  The following facilities and services are available at an affordable annual fee.  You may choose any of the following:

  1. Access to and use of the Gymnasium and Swimming Pool S$280
  2. SMU Libraries borrowing privileges (Loans of print books and access to select databases) S$150 
  3. Preferential Parking Rates (at Lee Kong Chian School of Business LKCSB only) S$60


Library add-on privileges for $20 (U.P: $150).

Kindly apply the necessary discount code (if any) at the shopping cart checkout. For enquiries, please write in to us at