Setting Up of Alumni Group - Process Flow

Individuals looking to form an alumni group for any of the interest groups may use this information below as a guide. Additional queries can be directed to

A list of alumni groups under SMU Alumni Association can be found here.

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AG Excos are required by constitution to hold active SMUAA membership status throughout their term of office

  1. Alumni Group (AG) to submit application and proposed constitution to Office of Alumni Relations (OAR) for endorsement.
  2. OAR Manager in-charge of AG to submit constitution to SMUAA for approval.

  3. SMUAA to review constitution.

  4. SMUAA will send Complimentary Membership sign-up letter.

  5. After all Exco members have signed up, SMUAA to send Letter of Approval, follow up with administrative processing. 

  6. Launch of AG.


  1. Complimentary membership is granted exclusively to SMUAA AG Excos.
  2. In the event of any changes to the Exco before the due term, it is a requirement to update SMUAA and OAR.
  3. It is up to the discretion of SMUAA to deny or reject any application.
  4. SMUAA reserves the right to discontinue any groups that have not been active in alumni engagement or have failed to meet the constitution rules and regulation.

SMUAA Membership Application Flow

Complimentary SMUAA membership application page:

A password is required to access the application page and will be shared with you separately. 

  Password is case sensitive. Please do not share the password with anyone. 

Password is case sensitive. Please do not share the password with anyone. 

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