SMU Executive Development

SMU eXD as a member benefit


With compliments from SMU Executive Development (SMU ExD), members are eligible to enjoy a 20% discount for selected modules* from SMU ExD as part of SMUAA members' benefits. Additionally, members are also eligible to two free Masterclass seminars organised by ExD.

Registration links will be made available below, so watch this space to redeem your member benefits! 

*Excluding SMU-SID Directorship Programmes

How to utilise your SMU ExD 20% discount

1. Log on to

2. Apply for the modules as per  SMU ExD's registration page. 

3. SMU ExD will verify your membership status with SMUAA, and bill you accordingly with the 20% discount applied. There is no need for a discount code. 



1. What is the cost of the module? 

The cost of each module is dependent on the module available. SMUAA Members will enjoy a 20% discount off selected modules.

2. How do I utilise the 20% discount?

During the registration process, check in the box that you are a member with SMUAA. SMU ExD will verify this with us and bill you for the module accordingly. There is no need for a discount code. 

3. Where do I apply for the modules?

You may visit the link for SMU ExD at There is a comprehensive list of modules available for your selection. 


Please email should you have any queries.