SMU Alumni Association 9th Executive Committee

From left to right Top row: Joy Lim (President), Benjamin Mui (Vice-President (Governance)), Ivy Wong (Vice-President (Outreach)), Vivian Neo (Treasurer) Bottom row: Claressa Sim (Secretary), Cherie Neo (Director (Marketing)), Lee Kang Wee (Director (Partnerships))

From left to right
Top row: Joy Lim (President), Benjamin Mui (Vice-President (Governance)), Ivy Wong (Vice-President (Outreach)), Vivian Neo (Treasurer)
Bottom row: Claressa Sim (Secretary), Cherie Neo (Director (Marketing)), Lee Kang Wee (Director (Partnerships))

Joy Lim Ai Ping (BAcc & BBM 2006)

I am currently running an innovation firm called Tomal Global and we develop smart technology to refine living in urban cities. 

Change making has always been something I advocate with my day to day and I am hoping to see that in SMUAA with the right team. 

My hope is that more SMU Alumnus will say yes to SMU even after leaving school and to want to connect with fellow alumnus down the years to form continual meaningful and lasting friendships. For SMUAA to focus back on what it set out to do and have transformational shifts to pave the way for future growth. 

My varsity days were filled with a lot of pioneering activities ,  and being part of the 3rd SMUSA  brought opportunities to start new clubs which are thriving so well till today. Had the opportunity to also have tea with great leaders such as Mr and Mrs Lee Kuan Yew who left very lasting inspirational words to me. He shared the vision he had for SMU and I think every effort counts towards fulfilling the greater vision a great leader had years back. 

With every effort we make , am sure it would count but even if it doesn’t at least we forged good friendships along the way! 

Benjamin Mui Jie Min (BSc(Econ) 2008, JD 2014)
Vice President (Governance)

SMU has always positioned itself to be like no other university. In my experience, this has proven to be more than a gimmick; we have a real, living culture here, driven by the passion and energy of our students, faculty, staff, and leaders.

I spent seven great years in SMU, first with the School of Economics and Social Science for my Bachelors, and with the School of Law for my postgraduate degree. I served as the second President and captain of the SMU Sailing Club, and as Treasurer for SMU FIDES. I was also an active player on the first team with SMU Ultimate for two years.

 I strongly believe that the relationships formed during our university days are valuable, and that it would be a waste if these bonds were allowed to wither after graduation. To this end, I established an alumni group for SMU Sailing – it was hard work, but today we are an active group of passionate alumni that form a wonderful support network for each other, and for our juniors, who themselves are embarking on their SMU journey.

 Therefore, as a proud SMU alumnus, my motivation for running is simple;  having benefited so much from SMU, I want to contribute my time and effort to build a strong alumni association. I am currently legal counsel for a multinational technology consultancy, and I believe my professional expertise and training, coupled with my experience with alumni, will help me contribute to the Association to achieve our shared goal of building a strong alumni network.

 To borrow a catchphrase from our past, SMU students are different, and this SMU Alumni Association is no different. As SMU graduates, we have an amazing shared heritage, and my aim is to build an Alumni Association that we can all be proud of.

Ivy Wong Ai Hui (BBM 2014)
Vice-President (Outreach)

I am currently a full time staff with SMU Office of Alumni Relations (OAR). Having worked closely with alumni groups, volunteers, and leaders for the past two years, I would be able to bring valuable connections to the Association. I envision an Association which collaborates with the Alumni Groups, and serves as the rallying point for alumni to pursue meaningful causes. Whilst I believe that it is crucial for SMUAA to work closely with OAR, I also believe in the importance of maintaining our independence as the voice of the alumni.

 I graduated from LKCSB five years ago, and during my university days was an active student leader, having served as the President and Vice President of SMU Muay Thai, and the  Co-Founder of two OCSPs. I resonated deeply with SMU’s championing of community service, and I believe that the spirit of giving back could be harnessed to unite alumni under a common cause. For example, we could partner with student groups that welcome alumni volunteers for their community service projects. SMUAA could create a difference by helping alumni to give back to their alma mater and the larger community.

I hope that with the SMUAA Exco, we can work together to reignite the SMU spirit for all alumni, such that having an SMUAA membership would not only offer tangible benefits and services, but also equate to the identity of an SMU alumnus. SMU had given me numerous opportunities during my school days, and I now look forward to the chance to pay it forward by serving on the SMUAA Exco.

Neo Shu Ting Vivian Alexis (BAcc 2007)

If one has to ask me to describe my SMU experience, the first word that comes to my mind is FUN. Apart from being part of the founding team of the Accounting Society and the organizing committee for Patron’s Day, the highlight of my 4 years was learning to sail and it has become part of me ever since. So much so that I was asked to share my experience on the Humans of Deloitte series. I have been with Deloitte since graduation in 2007. I enjoy my work because I never stop learning in this ever-changing business and regulatory environment. What inspires me is when I am able to draw on my experiences to provide insights and value add my clients. On the social setting, I was the Chairperson of Deloitte’s Recreation Club where I oversee the organizing of Deloitte’s Family Day in 2018.

Thinking back on how much I have gained from the SMU experience, I cannot think of a better time to contribute my time and service to SMUAA. Just like how I enjoy helping my clients with my skillset and experience, I forward to this opportunity to value add the SMUAA community by being part of the SMUAA Exco and be able to create an impact that matters.

Claressa Sim Zhen Li (BSc(Econ) 2009)

Greetings. Im Claressa from the School of Economics 2009 Graduating Batch. 

After my graduation, I was part of the SMUAA Events Director and assisted in the School of 2009 Alumni Gathering and a number of other ad hoc events.

Currently, I am a part of the SMU Host and Mentoring Programme, hoping to contribute what the school has blessed me with - career guidance and also international working and adventure experiences.

In addition, I was a mentor in the recent round of SMU-Peeli Rural Entrepreneurship Program that I was honored to be a part of, and am always thankful for SMU in welcoming us the community of alumni to contribute back in the ways we can. 

I also actively participate in Alumni focus group discussion whenever possible, hoping to integrate the industry needs to strengthen the color of our community of students as they embark in the working world.

With all the above mentioned, I envision an associate of closer knitted SMU Alumni Community - willing to come forward to serve the school just because of what they have been blessed with,  and also forge new friendship bonds crossing the boundaries of graduation years.

As we journey through this timeline called Life, we will realize that these friendships and bonds will bring us further than that of networking. And most importantly, for the SMU Alumni to remember how proud they were to be a part of the SMU Family, and that SMU can once again be a place to rest and be ourselves. 

During my university days in SMU, my memories were filled with laughter, joy and exploration. Being involved in various and multiple CCAs such as indancity, smurts, econs society, i found that was what contributed to  my character and thus I feel its important to open up bonding activities to alumni to get to know one another again.

Recently I went to an Emergentics workshop and was grouped together with a group of juniors where we now have an active chatgroup sharing our experiences , learning in our workplace, chilling and relaxing at random events - this is what we all seek for - away from a workplace filled with strategic alliances - but that of just pure friendship. 

In addition, my exposure in LTB and also volunteering in SMU, made me realize the importance of giving back and how our every giving can make a difference in someone's life.

In summary my focus would be to strengthen ties via

1,. Having more community events

2. Having more CCA alumni have workshops for Alumni to bond 

Thank you for hearing my thoughts and i look forward to the chance to contribute to the SMUAA Exco once again in the ways I can.

Cherie Neo (BBM 2015)
Director (Marketing)

I am currently an Account Strategist at Google, primarily focused working with top torso accounts in both Singapore and Malaysia on scaling their businesses with performance marketing strategies

Having served the student association as the 13th SMUSA president previously, I've had the privilege of working directly with both the school offices and student leaders on enriching student experience across multiple verticals - including academic policies, student life and CCAs as well as general student welfare. My journey in SMU has been incredible - I've made best friends, and developed the necessary soft and hard skills for my career development. As such, I would like to contribute back to the SMU community by serving the AA and hope to bring it to the next level by transforming positive change with the ExCo.

Lee Kang Wee (BBM 2015)
Director (Partnerships)

There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what its identity, and what it cares about. As an alumni association that is still in its nascent stage, I believe that SMU Alumni Association can become a community that all SMU alumni identify with, find value in, and commit to.

As an Exco member of the SMU Flare Alumni Group (the cheerleading team), I have witnessed the transformative power of a group with a clear identity. While the student club has unfortunately closed down, SMU Flare Alumni Group has embraced its core identity, and sought to spread joy in others through the theatrics and energy of cheerleading. We performed at Camp Rainbow earlier this year, spreading joy to hundreds of children and volunteers.

My involvement in the inaugural SMU Imagine Better Alumni Committee has also shown me the power of a common cause. The committee was formed to drive fundraising efforts for the SMU Imagine Better Fund, which among other things will provide deserving students with bursaries, and drive the SMU Mentoring programme.  United by a common cause, the committee has dealt with the inherent uncertainties of being the pioneer batch, and achieved various milestones and fundraising targets.

In my professional capacity, I am the Head of Partnerships in Mednefits, a tech company providing a solution for employee benefits. As part of our solution, we have a 2-sided marketplace, and my role revolves around building up this community. I actively seek out and engage health and wellness partners to bring them into this community for our members. On the other side, I am also responsible for retaining existing clients. I play an active role in building up the Mednefits community, and I find the work of community building deeply enriching and rewarding.

With luck, I hope to be able to play a part in contributing to the SMU alumni cohort through my involvement in the SMU Alumni Association, building a community with a strong identity and a clear cause.