5 Reasons For SMU Alumni to Hot Desk at JustCo-SMUAA


Looking for a quiet spot to do your work at, or a space to collaborate and meet others?

Here are 5 reasons why SMU Alumni should consider hot-desking at JustCo-SMUAA:

1.    It is FREE for SMU Alumni Association (SMUAA) members!

Considering that SMU Alumni Association (SMUAA) membership is only $60 a year and comes with a whole host of other benefits, SMUAA members get the best end of the deal with hot-desking FREE at JustCo’s 7 locations island wide (original price at $398/month for each hot desk pass) for an unlimited number of times. If they are business owners, SMUAA members can also apply for FREE dedicated business working spaces for six months at JustCo worth $750/month.


2.    Extra Perks with JustCo-SMUAA

Hot-desking in JustCo-SMUAA not only allows you to have access to the common workspace amongst professionals, it also offers a full suite of business support services: including a mailing address, printing, and IT services. To top it off, you are even invited to attend JustCo’s exciting events and professional networking sessions!


3.    Connect and Collaborate with other Professionals in a Community

In the true spirit of a community, hot-desking at JustCo-SMUAA gives you access to a network of 12,000 other members.  You can connect and collaborate with other professionals at the various JustCo locations to exchange ideas and gain new perspectives and insights whether you work in a startup, small business or a large company! An environment conducive to better productivity and general wellbeing, workplace flexibility nurtures collaborative endeavours and encourages a melting pot of creative energy.


4.    Greater job control

Research shows that people working in co-working spaces feel a stronger sense of identity and self-control. They have a say over what they do and when they want to do it. The sense of autonomy is liberating. At the same time, due to the structure provided by the co-working /hot-desking locations, the routine instills discipline in their lives which aids productivity.


5.    Alternative for a Conducive Third Place

Cafes have always been a perfect third place for us – an accessible place home away from home to relax yet feel creative and interact widely. However nowadays, these places are often filled with students camping at their seats the whole day. Hot-desking in a co working space thus provides the perfect alternative for those of us looking out for another spot to hide away quietly to get some work done.


Free access to hot-desking at JustCo is just one of the many benefits that SMUAA members get to enjoy!

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